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Fits aftermarket performance cams with bolt on gears or stock cams with flat gears.

Oil Pumps are the most overlooked part of an engine. It doesn't make sense to put big bucks and time into an engine and then tack on just any old oil pump.

CB's Maxi Pumps are the only VW oil pumps that have the main drive shaft locked to the pump gear with a wedge key. They can't slip or lose oil pressure. The driven gear runs on a shouldered shaft that locks it firmly in place. It can't be forced through the pump body and jam against the cam gear as with cheaper oil pumps. CB oil pumps are manufactured by an OEM supplier and feature full size 26mm gears. The pumps are assembled with closer tolerances than stock pumps to provide increased oil pressure during low speed operation. They slip right in and increase the life of your engine.

Maxi Pump 5 - The Maxi 5 is a "Full Flow" oil pump in the traditional style. A single outlet is located on the pump face to route oil to the cooler and filter. The engine case must be drilled and tapped for return oil flow. Drilling and tapping requires a complete engine tear down. It's best to install a "Full Flow" pump of this type during overhaul to eliminate extra expense. The Maxi 5 features the same 9 tooth gears, "pressure chamber" and blue-printed housing as all Maxi pumps. You can use the Maxi 5 on just about any VW engine. From uprights to late buses, the increased volume and anti-cavatational features of the Maxi series will really get the job done.

# CB-1778                                       C51


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