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Vintage Speed



VW Type 4 Carb Linkage for Type 4 engine with stock or upright fan housing, with Weber IDA, IDF and Dellorto carburetors.

This Pushrod Carb Linkage system has build in “ Quick Release “ which attached to both sides of the carburetor, allowing for removing / fitting without the need to unscrew the linkage and resetting.

  • The linkage is mounted on the engine case, longer bolt is required and included.
  • The location of the Throttle Cable required to be the same as standard late type 1 engine, i.e. 1200 ~ 1600 cc type 1 engine.
  • Dual ball bearing with return spring included.
  • Long threaded pushrod that can be fit to wide range of carburetors.
  • Build in Quick Release link ball system, easy to remove intake without the need to adjust the linkage again and again.
  • Will not increase the idle speed when the engine running hot.

 Vintage Speed # 155-401-031                              V66

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