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AirMighty Magazine Issue #40


AirMighty Magazine Issue #40


AirMighty Megascene issue #40 has arrived. 

Volksrod stunner!
You don’t need a huge budget to create a truly unique vehicle.

Ken Sherrock’s body-dropped T1. 
From Hot-Rods, it was time to own and operate one of the lowest buses on the road.

6-cylinder Notchback. 
Type 3 amply fits the description “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

1946 Rollback. 
We take a closer look at another beautiful car from the T&A Motorsport Collection in California.

Oldspeed-style Brazilian Split. 
Judson-powered and Porsche 356-A-braked ’50.

Brazilian VW1600. 
Someting you don’t see every day here in Europe and very interesting to dig into.


Be aware of this gathering of Pumas celebrating the 55 years of sports car passion! 

Do you like vintage VWs? All “semaphored” models were welcome here in Austria at this international meet. 

Corona Gatherings. 
Checking out what you guys were up to in these times of social distancing. We visited Sweden, Germany, the UK, USA and the Netherlands for the following little reports: 

LüftFika (SE).
San Diego Aircooled (USA). 

Ricky’s Oldtimer Camp (NL). 
WheelerDealer’s Meet (D). 
FolkaParken (SE). 
Caffeine & Machine (UK). 

Dudes in the Woods. 
The MID - Men In Dreck - come together again in Eindhoven (NL) for some lifted, big tires and muddy fun! 

Camping in Wanroij. 
No show doesn’t mean we can’t go... it had to be planned out a different way, less people, no swap meet, but more relaxation and a lot of fun. 

Stay Safe Cruise. 
Cruising trough NL and BE, stopping at several VW shops and collecting goodies and having a drink. It’s the social aspect we miss, and now we at least got together again…

 …and more!

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