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Tool Rental

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Specialty Tools are now available at AVR.

Are you looking for a few of the specialty tools you might need as your rebuild your vintage VW? Maybe it's a tool to remove door hinge pins or you want to convert a swing axle pan to IRS? We are pleased to have a few tools available for rent. Tools can be rented per week and are available for pick up and drop off at our Abbotsford location shop. 100% refundable damage deposit will be required.

Door hinge pin removal tool

Are your doors sagging from worn out hinge pins? Is the only thing holding you from replacing the pins the scary thought of taking a hammer to your existing painted doors? We have a solution for you. This slick tool is specifically designed to press out the existing pins and press in the new pins with minimal impact to your door and it's paint. Easy to use and comes with 4 mini-pins to help push out the old door pin. Replacement door hinge pins are available in stock and oversized widths.  Call today to book this tool.
Rent it for $25.00 (1 week) along with a fully refundable damage deposit of $200.00.

**Local Pickup or shipping only**  **Tool cannot be shipped internationally**

IRS conversion installation jig

Converting your swing axle pan to the more modern Independent Rear Suspension (I.R.S) is now easier then ever. After removing your existing transmission and spring plates these two jigs do the work for you. Bolt them onto your torsion tube and it's very hard to go wrong when welding in the conversion clips.
Rent it for $25.00 (1 week) along with a fully refundable damage deposit of $200.00.

Braided steel line tool

Save your time and fingers from the frayed ends. Call today to book this tool when running your stainless oil or fuel lines. This small kit contains capsules to install -4, -6, -8 hose into their respective sockets. To accommodate all the different manufacturer's fittings, spacers and sleeves are required to tighten up some of the sockets within the capsule.
Rent it for $25.00 (1 week) along with a fully refundable damage deposit of $100.00.