#6 - 34220 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford, BC V2S 2C6
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1958 Canadian Custom

A diamond in the rough would be a bit of an understatement on this build.

A few years back while hunting through craigslist this 58 beetle roller popped up in the Langley area.  After a little bit of negotiating it was loaded up and put into storage for some future project.

Fast forward to December 2018 and we received a call about building a resto custom beetle.  The customer had ideas but really wasn't set on any particular year other than pre 1967 so we showed him the one we had.  After the initial shock we continued with more discussions to come with up a game plan as well as the dollar and cents to get it to the finish line.  

The first order of business was the floor pan.  Pan was sand blasted, pan halves replaced and then sent out for powder coating.  

The body was dismantled a litte further.  Along with heater channels, and a rear quarter panel we also needed to rebuild the front nose and inner fenders.  

And eventually after many hours of welding, hammering and test fitting we got the shell into primer.


After primer and many hours of sanding and body work in general Capri blue was added to the shell. 


And finally onto assembly and completion.





And finally the finished product.  Cruising around the lower mainland summer 2020 and beyond!